About BM Healthcare

BM Healthcare was established with the view to pursue excellence towards the improvement of patient outcomes and patient safety. Placing the patient at the core of our business has given us the privilege to work with renowned medical institutions in the Government and Private sectors.

We work closely with clinicians to develop cost effective solutions which enhances patient care and efficiency in the medical institutions.

In addition to marketing our own range of medical devices, BM Healthcare works with various leading healthcare practitioners to bring high quality innovative medical devices to the medical fraternity. We have put in place a high standard of quality management and good distribution practices in medical devices with the achievement of the GDPMDS certification.

The company strives to deliver cost effective solutions to the healthcare sector and aims to be the preferred partner in your medical supply needs.

BM Healthcare

We deliver cost effective solutions to the healthcare sector and aims to be the preferred partner in your medical supply needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and are committed to maintain a balance between a good business model and helping social cause.

Ethics and Governance

BM Healthcare seeks to conduct its business in compliance with the highest ethical standards of business practice. Ethical behavior and fair competition are integral components of our actions. We are guided by our core values which form the crucial basis for our relationship of trust with all our stakeholders and business associates.

For the employees

All employees in BM Healthcare remain an asset to the company. Employees are provided with equal opportunities for learning and development based on their strength and needs to fulfil their potential. All employees are treated with fairness and respect.

Towards the community

Being successful in business is only part of the equation. BM Healthcare recognizes the opportunity to make a significant difference for the neediest in the community. On a regular basis, our staff steps outside the confines of their job to volunteer with welfare organizations to create a positive and quantifiable impact to the disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.


To be the leading provider of medical consumables and medical devices in Asia.


To deliver quality, affordable, medical products and to contribute to positive outcomes in our patient’s lives.


Our core values of Integrity, Quality, Compassion and Respect are grounded in the belief that by living these values daily, it will allow us to realize the myriad of choices that life holds.


At BM Healthcare, we believed in high morals and ethical standards. The Company believed that integrity is a shared responsibility. We are committed in carrying out our businesses in an honest, transparent and fair manner. We developed our relationship based on trust.


We are passionate with what we do and aim to pursue quality excellence and adopt best practices to stay compliance.


Our culture of caring and conviction towards patients and stakeholders have allow our emotions to push us forward. We are always respectful of the inner wisdom of others. By walking in the shoes of those we work with, nobody ever walks alone.


At BM Healthcare, we believed that respect is the foundation of any relationship. We uphold the dignity of our patients and stakeholders and at the same time, we value diversity and respect their differences.