Surgical Light Stick

Optimal quality lighting is critical to every operating room. The overhead lighting in the operation room is unable to illuminate the entire cavity during a surgical procedure. It is important that surgeons can clearly see the body’s tissues and organs during a medical procedure. Manually adjusting a light head up or down can be distracting and cause the surgeon to lose concentration.

The light weight and compact single use Surgical Light Stick provides deep cavity lighting, direct illumination into the surgical field. It achieves optimal visual assistance, eliminating shadows. It has a bendable and malleable strip that can be easily shaped with 3MTM double-adhesive medical tape to stick on most retractors and does not stand in the way of the surgeons.

The cordless design enables the Surgical Light Stick to be applied in numerous application fields including cardiothoracic, plastic, dental / oral, orthopaedic and many more. Depending on the duration of the procedure, each Light Stick is design to cater for its optimal operation duration.

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